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Who We Are

The Vision: Change Today will be the shift in the paradigm of thought about cancer.

The Mission: Inspire those affected.  Honor our lost.  Empower future generations.


A fit and active body is a body that can skillfully ward off cancer.  We aim to build a community of support and accountability to ensure fitness is a cornerstone in the prevention of cancer.


Change Today is in the process of building a national movement dedicated to connecting communities and the Change Today vision through fitness.  Personal trainers in the interest of combating cancer?  We’re excited to make that happen.


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” explained ancient Greek physician Hippocrates.  Change Today recognizes that the food we fuel our bodies with ultimately impacts our health.  While the collective mind is searching for a distinct cure, let’s put to work the cancer-killing tool nature hardwired into every one of us: the simple knowledge of nutrition-based prevention.


By partnering with local restaurants, farmer’s markets, nutritionists, and grocers who share our passion for advocating optimal health through cleaner, greener eating we will guide our supporters through the thicket of marketing, fads, and information overload overwhelming the ease of nutrition sense.


Together we will shape a world where cancer is no longer feared.  It will be a long journey and along the way many more will go head-to-head with a diagnosis.  Fight for a Cure will provide a level of support that every great warrior needs.


There is no shortage of brilliant minds dedicated to providing innovative methods of beating cancer. Clinical trials are the lifeblood of advancing these strategies and many are having great difficulty connecting with qualified people; this slows progress.  Change Today will help develop simple, technology-based systems to ensure that each precious clinical trial is fully attended.

We think it is important to see where your donation goes and who it helps.  A portion of every donation helps fund our Fight for a Cure community outreach program, where we select a local individual to raise hope and awareness for by reaching out to local businesses and their neighbors.


> What in the world is a “paradigm shift” and what does it have to do with how people think about cancer?
Think of a paradigm as the current social norm or stereotype.  In regards to cancer, it is essentially a losing battle.  Despite all the energy and money we spend on treating and curing cancer (almost $5 billion annually according to the National Cancer Institute, along with countless hours spent researching), we have made very little impact on the disease.  This does not seem right.  The brilliant physicist Albert Einstein has quoted; “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  It is this attitude that will change the status quo when it comes to cancer.
> Okay, so how does Change Today plan to shift this current paradigm of thought about cancer?

As you could imagine, changing a paradigm does not happen overnight.  We believe that it starts with individuals becoming aware of the relationship between the cells of our bodies immune system and cancerous cells (Read more about this relationship on the American Cancer Society’s website: http://www.cancer.org/treatment/treatmentsandsideeffects/treatmenttypes/immunotherapy/immunotherapy-immune-system).  From there, we need to understand what conditions make each type of cell flourish or decline.  Then, most importantly, we must be brave enough to ask ourselves what changes can we make in our own lives to give our bodies immune system an upper hand in fighting cancerous cells.  Change Today will offer insight for some of the methods people all around the globe are using to make a change to hopefully eliminate cancer in their own lives.  Once enough people believe we can stand up to cancer, a paradigm shift is born.



Meet our Founders

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Jordan Grahek - Executive Director

Jordan likes daring others to pursue their dreams. Extrovert, health nut, family man, dog lover, ballplayer, marketing whiz. And more.

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